Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Hole In The Heart

Remember this chapter? Where it is the cause of Obito's hatred...

Chapter 629 'Windhole' reveal everything... Obito started the war not only because of Rin & Kakashi.. Obito knows everything.. Rin chose her own death.. That time Rin had been kidnapped by the village of the Mist & made into the jinchuuriki of the Sanbi.. Kakashi managed to rescue her but that was the Mist's plan.. They even pretended to chase Kakashi to hurry him back to the Leaf.. But once Rin was back to the Leaf, they will unleash the Sanbi so that it would destroy Konoha...

Rin decided to die by the hands of the one she loved... To protect the Leaf..

For Obito, the world is full of fake.. Including Rin's death.. The real Rin is where she alive.. Obito had nothing but pain in his heart.. That's why he destroyed everything & wanted to create his own world.. Where  he can have anything in his illusion world..

But then Kakashi said ''The hole in your heart is something that other people can fill.. If u reject your friend's feelings & this world just because something didn't go as u wished, no one will ever come to u.. & so that hole won't be filled either.. If u just run away without doing anything, people won't do anything for u either.. As long as u don't give up, u'll be saved..''

Obito: ''U're all talk. Only by getting rid of this reality & the feelings of your friend in this world, u can find real happiness! ''

Kakashi: ''In the world of shinobi, people who break the rules are called trash.. The ones who don't treasure their friends are worse than trash... & the ones who don't treasure their friend's feelings are even worse than that.. Even it is u refusing them..''

So, for me... Rin's death is still the main causes of Obito's changes... & Kakashi was right..  A gift is to give.. If we want something, we have to sacrifice ourselves in term of realizing our dream... & Naruto had said that ''The most painful thing is not having my friends here''.. Faith.. Unity.. Bond.. are our sources of strength..

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