Friday, 31 May 2013

Team 7

Everybody came back, buddy :D ...Orochimaru summoned them & the hokages stopped the juubi's attack..

It's kinda funny face when Madara saw Hashirama.. As they were once bestfriend, right? & they always wanted to have a fight & most likely they were rival..

I love this scene too ^^ ..

Then, they began their fight.. Minato turned into Bijuu Mode.. So, even Minato can do that.. It is because he's the one who performed that complex seal on Kurama.. My responsed ''Wowwwwww!!!" haha xD Im quite impressed.. 

Then, the hokages do ''Shisekiyoujin'' where it means ''Formation of the 4 red suns''.. It's a red barrier to trap the juubi.. That's even stronger than the Shishienji..Only 4 people of hokage level could do it..


Sasuke joined the battlefield ^^ .. But everyone were very careful with him..

Ino: Eh.. Sasuke-kun???
Shikamaru: Hey Ino.. Stop!!! He's our enemy..
Chouji: Ino.. U shouldn't get close to him!!
Kiba: Why are u here, bastard!!!
Sakura: Why did u come here?

Sasuke: Many things happened.. But i decided to protect the village... & I... will become hokage...

A rogue ninja suddenly become a hokage.. What?!!! I kept scrolling the page.. Wondering what kind of joke was that.. & my reaction was the same like them xD ... Could it be like this? lol.. that face~

Sasuke: I don't care what u think about me.. The kages created this situation.. I'll become the hokage &    change the village..  
Naruto: I'll be the one to become hokage..
Hashirama: I'm happy that we have so many hokage candidates, but u're taking it too easy.. Prepare your chakra!! We must defeat that with combined attack!
Naruto: Let's go Sasuke!

What makes me touched is to look they band together :') ... Once again.. Team 7 is reborn now! ^^

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