Friday, 28 September 2012


I opened my eyes & realized that PMR is just around the corner... Then, i asked myself.. 'Am i ready for my examinations? Do i have enough preparations? Why do i still burning with curiosity with my lessons? Why the time passes by too fast?'

While i am in fidgety, Naruto arised in my mind... Why do i wasting my time with too much thinking? I just need to be self-esteem & make much headway to realize my aspiration.. I need to emulate Naruto who does not  know the meaning of give up.. Although he always been condemned, he never felt down and brings to one's mind in proceeding success..

I need to learn constantly as long as the limit will allow.. I must also revise my lessons continuously so that i can make head or tail with them.. Why should i compel myself to study till the wee hours of the morning?.. That will only make me fail to be in a pink of health... Sacrifice in struggle to accomplish my dreams should be my way to be a better people who can excel in everything i do... Success comes to those who persevere & hard work..

Do pray for me, guys.. Wish me the best to pass the test with flying colours.. Now, i'm trying to push my limit against time.. I am eager to face my examinations & finally be at large.. I also believe that where there is a will, there is a way.. 10 days left & the war will begin!
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